Sunday, August 9, 2009

Evernight by Claudia Gray (my review)

I didn't want to be dull and repeat the same cover in two posts, so I searched for a different cover. And, yay, there was one! Just one, but I like it. I love black and white photos and it's suitably creepy, don't you think? Because . . .

In case you didn't know, Evernight is a vampire story, the first in a series. Bianca Olivier has had to leave her hometown and the life she loved behind, although she's not sure why. Her parents insisted that she needs to expand her world and the result is a move to Evernight Academy, where both parents teach and Bianca is a total outcast. I already mentioned that she tried to run away and the handsome Lucas tackled her, then ignored her once school began.

For a while, I wasn't sure if anything was ever going to happen, but about halfway into the book it suddenly became clear that Evernight is a vampire academy with a few humans thrown in.

The book gets really exciting when the vampire bits surface. Bianca falls in love with Lucas and Balthazar has a thing for Bianca (love triangle!) but Lucas isn't what he seems. A student goes missing, secrets are revealed and Lucas must run for his life. Then an important question comes out. Why is Evernight suddenly open to humans? There must be a reason.

Apparently, we don't get to find out till the second book in the series. Oh, killer. I don't own the second book. Please cross your fingers that my library does, because my library sucks and I'm not rolling in dough, here. Book #2 is Stargazer. I thought the beginning of Evernight was pretty slow, but good enough that when the excitement began, it was enough to make the book really shine.

********8/10 Twinkles


Bookfool said...

I like the black and white cover, but I would, wouldn't I?

Taminator said...

I really enjoyed Evernight and Stargazer. If you want to borrow Stargazer, let me know and I'll loan it to you.

Twinkletoes said...

Thank you, Tammy. You're so sweet. :)

Alexandra said...

I just finished the book... in spanish. The title is different, its called Midnight, but who cares? LOL
I love the cover in black and white, because the rose in the original cover freaks me out LOL